Red Reign Bio

Formed in the summer of 2013 in Richmond, Virginia, Red Reign is comprised of singer/guitarist Carlton “Bubba” McMichael, guitarist Stevie Shred, bassist Larry Moore, and drummer Sammy Lee. 

Bridging the sounds of yesterday and today (and also managing to compete with current active rock radio), the band has issued a pair of hard-hitting yet melodic releases thus far, 2021’s self-titled EP and 2023’s full-length ‘Don’t Look Back’ – both of which have been overseen by Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum producer David Ivory.

“This is our second time with David,” explains the band about the ten-track ‘Don’t Look Back.’ “David is always instrumental in the development of our songs, bringing in fresh ideas to build on our original foundation. David is very easy to work with and open to our ideas, which is very important as it does not change the direction or meaning of the original idea.” 

And while the album is great from start to finish (with something for all types of music lovers), the group has several specific standouts. 

“‘Don’t Look Back’ is the favorite track as it does feature George Lynch. It is all the ingredients for a great song: raw, heavy and melodic. It’s a song about reminiscing in the past, which  were not great memories. After the reflection, this person decides to not look back any longer and one day decides to move forward with living their best life and making new, positive memories.” 

“Having George Lynch on a song is a dream come true. We met George through a mutual friend (Neeley from the ‘Classic Metal Show’). We asked George to guest star on a track and he agreed.”

“Also, ‘Here I Am’ is a powerful song, as it talks about mental health issues and a hopeful solution. This is a song about people who are down and out, suffer from depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts and metal health in general. The message in this song, is to let people know that they are not alone and that there is ALWAYS hope and a friend there to help.”

“And ‘No Peace, No Love,’ which is a song about a couple who are trying to be intimate, but feelings keep  getting in the way. This is a simple message of happy wife/girlfriend, then happy life. So, to get the love they need, they need to keep the peace.” 

Having already shared the stage with the likes of Dokken, Extreme, Jackyl, Lita Ford and Tesla, Red Reign looks forward to spreading the word further with live shows in support of ‘Don’t Look Back.’ “As for touring, our main focus is to continue to look for tours and shows and play anywhere we can. We will also continue to push all outlets to get the music out and heard.” 

“Playing live shows is THE most important factor for this band. We are a live band. The energy that is fed off the crowd makes every show exciting and new. After the show, we like to go out and meet the fans. This is our way to connect on a more personal level and keeps music fans interested in the band.” 

As far as Red Reign’s future, the group already has a plan in place. “We will continue to get our music out to as many fans as we can, ie: radio, satellite radio, internet rock stations, and all downloadable music sites.”

Red Reign